Individual Counseling

     For clients who are seeking a personal, individual counseling experience, we offer a professional, confidential setting.  Sessions are focused on the needs of the individual.  Individual counseling is very effective in finding healing in a wide variety of areas including anxiety, depression, job, relationships, abuse, addiction, grief, loss, stress, and life adjustments.  We meet you at the center of life's crossroads and work to bring growth, hope and understanding.  

Couples Counseling

      Some of the greatest struggles in life can come within the context of our couples relationship.  We experience the greatest highs and lows of life in a relationship because nowhere else do we hold our hearts out so openly.  Often, this results in great hurts and misunderstanding.  Rest assured, it is never too late to find healing in your relationship.  Nathan and Amy Oliver specialize in working with dating, engaged and married couples. 

Family Counseling

     The family relationship consists of countless dynamics and interactions.  Many families find themselves in a place where they feel disconnected, in constant conflict, or unable to work together day-to-day.  Seeking family counseling can be one of the most powerful and effective ways to experience profound change within your family relationship.  Nathan and Amy Oliver are well experienced in working with families, and enjoy witnessing the healing that takes place within the family context.  That healing transforms the lives of every member of the family.  


Addiction (Substance, Sexual, Gambling)

     Addiction can bring us to some of the most broken and dark places in our lives.  The burden of addiction does not have to control your life anymore.  You can be set free!  It begins with a desire to change and grows into a life of recovery.  You can find healing and recovery.  It is never too late to seek growth and change.  Addiction therapy can be very effective and can completely transform your life and relationships.


     The losses of life often take us completely by surprise and take the wind out of our sails.  The journey of grief is different for everyone.  Often what you need most is someone to come alongside and be willing to sit in the middle of the hurt.  You need someone to listen.  It feels like no one could understand or know what you are going through.  You knew that this happened to others, but never to you.  Grief/loss counseling can provide profound healing in the midst of the greatest pain you may have ever felt in your life.  Nathan and Amy will help you journey through this pain and confusion, in order to get you to a place of healing and restoration.


     Depression plagues millions of Americans every day.  Signs of depression include: feelings of worthlessness, constantly being tired, withdrawing socially, difficulty with motivation to start tasks, too much sleep or sleeplessness, constant sadness, loss of appetite, feeling empty, apathetic, or simply more "down" than you used to be.  Depression can be treated effectively for the majority of people with several key behavioral changes that can be worked on in the therapeutic environment.  At Oliver Counseling, a highly effective assessment of your depression is provided and from there a treatment plan is developed that will best help you to overcome the depression in your life.


      Anxiety can steal the joy and energy out of your day-to-day life.  Anxiety can manifest itself physically through heart/chest pain, chronic fatigue, numbness, blurred vision, loss of appetite, and headaches.  Anxiety can also manifest itself in social phobias, situational phobias, panic attacks, general stress, difficulty concentrating, fear of failure/rejection, distancing in relationships, and distorted thinking. Your thoughts and beliefs greatly influence the anxiety that you experience in life.  Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, you can find great healing for even the most extreme anxiety.

Divorce Recovery   

There are many unique stressors and difficulties that can occur during and after a divorce or separation.  Whether it is trying to redefine yourself or your family, trying to process where to go from here, or trying to heal in the midst of transition; Nathan and Amy Oliver can be a strong support for you.  Don't go through separation or divorce alone. Most people will tell you that separation and divorce are the most painful and stressful experiences they have ever faced. The feelings of isolation and confusion can overwhelm you, but there is hope and healing!  Please contact Oliver Counseling to learn more about the healing and benefits of divorce recovery counseling.

Seminars and Workshops

     Nathan and Amy Oliver have presented in workshops and seminars all across the country on topics such as conflict management, premarital training, sexuality, renewed perspectives in marriage, parenting, friendship, stress management, emotional intelligence and communication.  Presentations have been led at schools, churches, marriage events, and national conferences.  Please contact Nathan and Amy if you are interested in hosting a seminar or workshop. 



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