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Marriage Counseling


Oliver Counseling specializes in many areas including: marriage/family therapy, grief, addiction, depression and anxiety.  Nathan and Amy Oliver are both licensed professional therapists.  They consider it a privilege to enter with you into life's hurts and struggles in order to help you find growth and new direction.  No matter your struggle or history, Nathan or Amy Oliver are available to meet with you and begin the healing process.  Please feel free to click on any of the above links for more information on Nathan and Amy Oliver's professional experience, descriptions of their areas of specialty, or to read the helpful information on the Oliver Counseling blog.   Thank you for visiting the Oliver Counseling website and please do not hesitate to call or email any questions you may have. 

 For any questions or to schedule an appointment please call us at:

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or email: olivercounseling@gmail.com

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Sessions are currently offered through Zoom, FaceTime or Phone 


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