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Keeping the Spark Alive

Posted by Nathan Oliver on Thursday, May 1, 2014, In : Marriage 
I had the opportunity to do an interview with Chris Bruce from Stay Married Florida on the topic of keeping the spark alive in your marriage after you have children. I hope that you are encouraged by the many practical ways that you can make your spouse the priority in the home and how that will greatly bless your children. Please click HERE to listen to the 20 minute interview.

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Connecting With Your Teen – Palm Beach, Florida

Posted by Nathan Oliver on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, In : Parenting 

What in the world happened to that sweet little child that you once knew?  To the one who listened to what you said?  Who looked up to you?  Who wasn’t afraid to hug you in public?  Many parents fear the transition from child to adolescent.  The great change that happens both physically and socially (friendships, school, etc.) can be very intimidating.  The majority of parents feel completely unprepared for the teenage yea

Your once obedient child begins to push the limits in many ways y...

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Prioritizing Your Marriage

Posted by Nathan Oliver on Monday, March 7, 2011, In : Marriage 

There are many things that can draw our attention and focus away from marriage.  Some of the biggest are children, jobs, general business and outside relationships.  It is essential to prioritize your marriage if you want to see it grow and process.  There are many areas that are important to grow in as you prioritize your marriage, but the one that we want to discuss today is pursuing intimacy.

By intimacy, we don’t just mean physical intimacy.  Intimacy is an avenue of connection.  S...

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Help Effectively Parenting your Child or Teen

Posted by Nathan Oliver on Monday, January 10, 2011, In : Parenting 


    The key to success in any parenting is consistency.  If you can maintain consistency in your approach over a set period of time (which the length of that time often is directly correlated to how strong willed your child or teen may be), you communicate that you are not moving and thus they begin to move in the ways they need to.  In fact, children crave this consistency as it provides an anchor for them in their lives.  They can always count on you to have a certain response to an...

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