There are countless books (a great one we read lately was Getting Things Done by David Allen) out there on motivation, goals, focus, and success.  Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you want a better job, maybe you want more time with family, or maybe you want to break an addiction.  Whatever it is, you have not done it yet.  You may have wanted to accomplish it for days, weeks, months or even years. 


For some it may be depression that holds you back.  Others are locked up with fear of what change might bring.  Others just say it is because they are lazy and don’t care (two things you should never speak into your life).  For most of us, we don’t get things done, because we don’t have a passion about it.  That lack of passion may be a symptom of a greater problem which is that we don’t have anything significant to believe in.  We challenge you to observe highly motivated people around you and see what they do.  On the surface you will observe objective goal setting, celebration of success, learning from failure, never giving up, unwavering dedication, and a support system of other motivated people.  What you won’t see right away are the embers deep inside that fuel them.  Those embers are the passion that comes from a belief in something truly inspirational.  Something bigger than them.  We have attached a great video from Zig Ziglar (click on his name to view the video) that can get you started on getting motivated and accomplishing goals.  To go deeper into developing a passion or to overcome the anxiety, depression or relationship problems that may be holding you back, please feel free to fill out our contact form at and Nathan Oliver or Amy Oliver will be in contact with you to help.