In our American culture, most of us are constantly going mach 5 with our hair on fire in regards to our daily schedules.  In other words, we are extremely busy.  There are countless distractions competing for our time and attention.  The problem with this constant spin cycle is that we rarely slow down enough to hear our own thoughts.  If we don't allow ourselves the opportunity to quite the noises all around us, it is very easy to lose perspective on life.

One of the most powerful ways to regain perspective on life is through solitude and silence.  The fact is that we all desperately need to slow down!  Slow down from the daily distractions that keep us from passion driven priorities.  Slow down and get off the treadmill of trying to gain a sense of achievement and respect from others based on our accomplishments.  Slow down and really see the beauty of the world around us.  Slow down and be still long enough to quite the noises in our heads.  Slow down long enough to see the hurt that needs healing in ourselves and others.  Slow down and free ourselves from living as victims of time that is quickly expiring.

Sometime in this next week we encourage you to get away and unplug for an hour.  Find a place to sit and be alone (preferably out in nature).  Turn off your phone.  Don't bring anything to read or do.  Be still and sit in the midst of all the thoughts going through your head.  Over time you will detox yourself of all the anxious, busyness driven thinking.  This may initially sound difficult, but it will likely be the most freeing thing you have every done if you try it consistently.  For those from a faith perspective we refer to it as spiritual attentiveness.  Allow yourself to settle inside and really think. It is like a mini vacation every week.  Try it this week and see what how solitude and silence can positively transform your outlook on life.

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