What in the world happened to that sweet little child that you once knew?  To the one who listened to what you said?  Who looked up to you?  Who wasn’t afraid to hug you in public?  Many parents fear the transition from child to adolescent.  The great change that happens both physically and socially (friendships, school, etc.) can be very intimidating.  The majority of parents feel completely unprepared for the teenage yea

Your once obedient child begins to push the limits in many ways you never thought they would.  Some seem to undergo a complete personality shift.  One thing parents need to keep in mind during this transition is that their ability to love their child in the midst of the teenage years is integral in their ability to have any future influence in their child’s life.  Priority number one of love is to seek to spend time pouring into the young man or women that was once your little boy or girl.  Even though they may seem to not want to spend a single second with you, take them out to lunch or dinner, ask about their lives, and tell them about yours.  Encourage them and explore their interests. 

Remember though, loving your teen well does not mean becoming their best friend.  They still need the influence of your authority and discipline.  Being able to set boundaries and follow through on consequences with consistency is essential to loving them well.  This requires parents to be on the same page and to have a united front in their approach to their teen.  No matter how chaotic it may feel with your son or daughter, health and change is possible in any situation.  We have worked with the worst of the worst cases and have seen great change both here in Palm Beach County and across the United States.  If you have any further questions or concerns with regard to connecting with your teen, please contact us at www.olivercounseling.com.