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"This experience was far beyond our expectations, it completely transformed our marriage"-Intensive Participant


Couples enjoy a beautiful environement as they journey through the restoration of the marriage intensive at Oliver Counseling

The marriage intensive is one of the most effective ways to save, restore and reenergize your marriage.  Couples that complete the intensive experience leave encouraged, empowered and with a renewed hope that they can and will have a healthy, growing marriage

Nathan and Amy Oliver were personally trained in the marriage intensive process by one of its founders, Dr. Greg Smalley.  Located in South Florida, the Oliver Marriage Intensive allows you to find healing for your marriage in one of the most beautiful areas in the country.  100 percent of Oliver Marriage Intensive participants surveyed said they were very satisfied and would highly recommend the Oliver Marriage Intensive to a friend.  Couples from across America have found the experience to be exactly what they needed in their marriage.


                                                 What is a marriage intensive?


The Oliver Marriage Intensive is a powerful one or two day experience in which couples will journey through a very effective time of marriage therapy.  While the majority of couples choose the two day experience, the one day experience can also bring great transformation to your marriage.  The goal of the intensive is for couples to come to a place of true emotional connection as they find healing together in their greatest hurts and struggles.  There are many reasons to attend a marriage intensive.  Perhaps there has been unfaithfulness, years of hurts, ongoing difficulty with conflict/communication, or a recent stressor/loss/transition.  Many couples attend a marriage intensive when they are on the edge of divorce and end up saving their marriage.

The Oliver Marriage Intensive is customized to the unique needs of the couple attending.  Couples fill out an in-depth questionnaire in addition to a marriage assessment prior to the intensive date.  Based on this information a specially formatted experience is designed for the couple.  Couples are then guided through two days of intensive therapy by Nathan and Amy Oliver.  Unlike many other intensives in the country that have you meet in a group setting, the Oliver Marriage intensive is a focused time designed just for you and your spouse. 

The two day intensive is the equivalent of at least 20 sessions of traditional weekly marriage therapy.  Couples are taught new ways of communicating and managing conflict. They begin to break the negative cycle that underlies much of their hurt.  They learn how to validate each other and open up their hearts to each other again. Couples finish the marriage intensive with a wealth of new insights, bringing restoration to their marriage. Most importantly, couples connect emotionally and learn how to maintain that connection in their everyday lives. 


                                      Is a marriage intensive right for us?


Of all the forms of marriage therapy, the intensive experience provides the best opportunity to get at the heart of a couple and bring an opportunity for healing.  The intensive format allows for the momentum of therapy to continue and go deeper rather than fall away at the end of an hour each week as in traditional marriage therapy.

If you are facing a potential divorce, the Oliver Marriage Intensive can bring healing to what seems to be nearly lost. The average cost of divorce in legal fees alone is $20,000.  This does not include emotional, relational, job, house and family costs/loss.  The negative effects of divorce are far reaching and do not have to be a part of your future.  There truly is no greater investment that you can make right now than in your marriage. 

The marriage intensive process is proven to increase the likelihood of a couple staying married.  More than that, the intensive is a catalyst for growth in a marriage that can last a lifetime. It begins the process of taking a marriage from surviving to thriving.


Cost and Scheduling

The total cost of the two day intensive is $2800.00.  The total cost of the one day intensive is $1400.00.  This includes time spent preparing for the intensive, one or two days of marriage intensive therapy, and follow up/resource recommendations. 
Couples can call or email Nathan and Amy Oliver directly to schedule an intensive.  While there are limited weekends available each month, couples are most often scheduled in the time frame that they need.  
No matter how rough the seas of your marriage may be, a marriage intensive with Oliver Counseling can help transform them.

  For any questions or to schedule an appointment please call us at: 

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